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Wait working Mike we’re team ten member head who’s back here for special team time today but people really do like team ten I don’t even realize it can anything else does.

It team ten members so we just came back here you guys on Team Tennis you don’t look like the Martinez to do you guys have a permit to be down here yes that’s team ten members team is a prank it’s a prank.

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someone’s willing to prank on us is it chance and Anthony ah it says it again the other entrance the different entrance oh yeah no watching it says team you guys cannot be back here no.

If preowned cars in aurora¬† you are signed up Rebekah no there’s no prank they’re planking us god they’re good we have to go back in there to keep you okay I’m sorry uncle K what they doing them everyone’s so quiet today violin.

can how her getting kicked out it caused a prank dude you guys in on the fight who hired you was a chance and Anthony come on show up on your clog oh you Jake Paula knob I see preowned cars in aurora¬† oh well that counts Felix who hired you someone on Team hired you because you put up signs that said team members he’s just trying to be an uncle.

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This guy he doesn’t talk good prank make sure you tag me they really follow through with that whole brand a group start to finish who is that goose bill Nina chance.

Anthony where are the cameras okay oh no I thought that we go we serve by the way your dog is the devil run you have to go sometimes in life preowned cars in aurora people die and you have to deal with it but folks this is part of life and right now I am on the floor of a store recording this voice over and I just want to say rest in peace Jenny.

Craig rest in peace because sometimes in life people die and we hope it’s not Jenny but Jenny rest in peace I don’t know what I’m like like that a good voice over that’s a good voice over cut I’m trying to cut oh so we’re going alright come on yeah good well good hi I’m Jenny will.